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About Clay Wilkinson

I am a full-time family lawyer.  

Many so-called "family lawyers" are really general practitioners who do personal injury cases, criminal defense work, estate planning, and other matters.  The Texas Family Code is hundreds of pages long.  Case law interpreting the Family Code is even longer.  I have devoted most of my legal career to learning family law and using my knowledge of it to my clients' advantage.  When your money, your property, and your children are at stake, why trust it to someone who doesn't do this full-time?  

I was born and reared in Dallas, Texas.  I graduated from St. Mark's School of Texas.  I attended SMU Law School, where I graduated with honors.  I am proud to represent Texas parents, grandparents, spouses and others in some of the most important legal matters of their lives.

Some people say they want a "bulldog" as their attorney.  Others want a more collegial approach.  I believe the best attorneys are able to adapt to the particular needs of the case.  I can be aggressive and forceful when needed, but I also have a long history of helping people reach agreement to conserve resources.  Regardless of the case or client, I am always responsive.  I pride myself on keeping my clients informed and making sure their needs are my top priority.

If you need help with any family law matter, including divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, prenuptial agreements, modifications, and enforcements, please contact me.  I would be happy to discuss your matter during a private consultation.

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